Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kicking Back

Looks like another week has come and gone as I watch the sands of summer run down the hourglass. It has been a pretty relaxing week for me. 

My class has started to work in one of the undergrad labs. We have been extracting dyes from plants.
Introduction to chromatography using ink, water, and a strip of paper.
Using a column to separate dye from spinach.
Beta carotene and chlorophyll extracted from spinach.
Notes from my video presentation on chromatography and how it was used in our experiment.
Apparatus used to extract oil from orange peels.
I took a detour earlier this week to crash some lab tours and explore campus. There's this nice pond with a bridge over it next to a library.
Yesterday, I got together with a couple of my friends to make some spam musubi. We used regular rice instead of sushi rice, so the rice had difficulty staying together, but it still tasted pretty good.
Spam musubi ingredients

This morning, I got up early to make some blueberry muffins.
Blueberry muffin batter
Crumble topping
Blueberry muffins
I am also in the middle of reading The Good Luck of Right Now and How to Read Literature like a Professor, so you might see me mention those books in the next post. Have a nice week.

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