Friday, November 11, 2011

Pulciano's Deli and Caffe - San Gabriel, CA

So what do you do when you have a couple hours before a football game starts? You go out to eat with your friends of course! Just kidding. Well, that is just what I happened to be doing yesterday. I had been really stressed out yesterday because of tests being thrown at me left and right, so it was fun hanging out with my friends. We had originally intended to go to Factory Tea Bar for a tennis fundraiser, but they obviously didn't need us, seeing how long the line was. Therefore, we decided to go to Pulciano's Deli And Caffe for a few sandwiches. I had never had anything from here before, but I had always heard that their sandwiches were excellent. It is a small, family owned place, and the people who work there are really nice. Some of my friends go there often enough that they are recognized when they walk in. Also, their bread and meatballs are freshly made everyday. When we entered, it suddenly became quite warm. I'm a very bad photographer and didn't bring my camera, so I'm borrowing some photos from Yelp.

A couple of my friends ordered the meatball sandwich. It looked and smelled quite yummy. Perhaps I'll try it sometime.

My other vegetarian friend ordered a sandwich which looked like had mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and perhaps some other stuff I couldn't see. She also ordered a hot coffee.

One of my other friends and I didn't want to order anything, but my upperclassman insisted on getting us something, so she ordered us an Italian roast beef sandwich. (I apologize for not having a photo.) It was warm and quite tasty. It felt like comfort food since it was roast beef with marinara sauce on a french roll. It was a nice sandwich to have a cloudy and chilly day. I will probably be back here again sometime.

Pulciano's Deli and Caffe
327 S Mission Dr
San GabrielCA 91776
(626) 458-9928