Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hello Summer

Another school year has come and gone, and it's now time for that two and a half month period of relaxation and unproductivity. After disappearing from the blogging world for over half a year, I suppose I owe an explanation to the readers. Over the past year, I experienced this period in life called sophomore year, the year that everything starts to hit you. In between all the homework, tests, and projects, there were clubs and... that was pretty much it. I'll never understand how I made time for anything else.

In terms of school, there were several fun aspects and events to it that made life have it's ups and downs. On the funner side, there were football games in the autumn, the ISA Charity Basketball Game featuring Wong Fu and friends during the winter, and a whole bunch of banquets in the spring.

In terms of baking, I actually did pretty well. I made quite a few butter cookies, cupcakes, and even cream puffs (yeah... maybe I'll talk about that in another post). In addition to that, all of them turned out well. Mission success.

In terms of crocheting, I also did adequately. I only had time to make a few small things like penguins, and I made a Minnie Mouse hat over winter break. (Hopefully, I'll put up pictures soon!) Recently, I have been crocheting Pokemon and anticipate trying to make other things like a beret or maybe even a cardigan. The possibilities are endless, and there is still an entire summer ahead of me.

In terms of astronomy, there was very little stargazing or research. I went out once and other than that, I only noticed whenever the moon was full. Staying up late did not equal stargazing. I'm hoping to rekindle my love of the night sky this summer, but that summer unproductivity is hitting me hard.

Well, that pretty much covers my year unless you want to hear about how I suffered slept did in my classes. With the summer before me, I am looking forward to working on my hobbies, looking at colleges, and... studying for my SATs. Oh gosh, don't hit me yet junior year. I was only a sophomore just a week ago. Anyways, I'll try to keep this updated. Happy summer!

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