Saturday, May 28, 2011

When a baby bird comes...

A few days ago, my sister had just let the dog out into our backyard when I suddenly heard her shouting, "Bruno! Get back here! Bruno!" I was wondering what had happened. Later that night, I found out that when she had let the dog out, he had crashed straight into a little baby bird that was just sitting on the ground. She quickly put him into his corral and then checked on the bird. It had gone to hide in some plants. My sister used a strainer and some other garden tool and coaxed it out. Then, she left it there for the parents to find. Later, I went back out to check on it, but it was gone.
Then a couple days later, my dad was doing his usual morning stuff when he suddenly came inside holding that same little baby bird from a few days ago. My dad decided to leave it on top of a fence so the parents could see where it was. It was so small and gray. Later, when I came home from school, I found that my dad had moved it into this bin.

This is the bin I found it in.

Then, he took it out so I could get a closer look.

Then, he gave it some water.

Now, it is sitting in a cage in our backyard. Apparently, the mother is still taking care of it since we found some berries at the bottom of the cage. I am not sure how long we are going to keep this, especially since we have a cat who seems to be dying to hunt some birds, but I hope it is not long.